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Welcome to Live A Little Theatre. 
Founded in April 2022, Live A little Theatre consists of 3 graduating MA Acting (Company) creatives from The Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. The company consists of 2 Brits and 1 American, who are keen to connect their stories in order to create new, innovative devised based theatre. 
The Live a Little aim is quite simple - we want to explore the human experience and discover what it is that truly makes us human. Is it identity? Sexuality? Who knows…but we’re taking you along for the ride to find out. We don’t have all the answers, but that's part of the fun! 
We work in a collaborative, inclusive way - all of our work is born in the rehearsal space from different stimuli, such as art and articles. 
We want to see, feel and explore connections with YOU. We’re creating theatrical worlds that tackle subjects that may not otherwise be spoken about. We work with multimedia, music and physicality to create a rich, indulgent world for everyone to inhabit…just for a little while. 
We want to throw privacy out the window. 
We want to get people talking.
We want to start a revolution. 
So come on, why don’t you join us and Live A Little…

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