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Luke Sookdeo

Writer | Director | Facilitator | Movement Assistant

A Bit About Luke

Luke is a co writer/director as well as movement assistant! In addition to this, he will be facilitating workshops with institutions around The North, something which he is super excited for. Born and raised in Birmingham, he moved to Los Angeles in 2017 to start his training as an actor. Whilst  there, he met some wonderful people (not many celebrities, but I did say hello to Harrison Ford!) He has always loved creating theatre, and being in LA surrounded by so many creative people fuelled his hunger to perform and produce his own work. In 2019 he created his one man show ‘Lost in Purgatory’ which is his proudest career moment yet… (I’m sure creating work with Live A Little will top it!). So he is truly excited to share with you weird and wonderful theatre, that may be immersive, provocative and very physical. It may even be a little spooky, so watch out for that! Above all, his biggest career goal is "to MAKE THEATRE ACCESSIBLE AGAIN! Since our government doesn’t seem to value the working class and those who are different than the ‘norm’, I would like to celebrate and acknowledge that we exist! If you like the sound of that, join us for the ride."

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