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Molly Farquhar

Producer | Facilitator | Vocal Coach

A Bit About Molly

Molly is a creative from Hartlepool, North East England! She gained a 1st class honours studying BA Acting and Performance Practise at Newcastle college’s performance academy and is currently studying MA acting (company) at LIPA.

Some of her career highlights so far are that she successfully wrote/directed two different plays for festivals in Newcastle; “Wombmates” (a show about twins in the womb) and “Bare Knuckle Barbie” (a one woman show about boxers in the bare knuckle boxing industry), as well as played various lead and supporting roles in both theatre, film and TV. Other highlights include touring through Germany with White Horse Theatre in 3 different shows, Playing “Kerry” in Trylife’s “Jessica’s Story”- an interactive film and W2 in the first ever U.K. tour of “My First Time” by Ken Davenport (touring autumn 2022).

Molly is a retired racing greyhound mama! "I adopted my dog, Angel, in September 2020 and have since gone on to create a social media account ( to promote rescue awareness and show how gentle and loving greyhounds are, and why they make great family pets."

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